Thermal Imaging Detects Hidden Problems in Hollywood, FL, and its Surrounding Areas

Some problems cant be detected through observation alone; sometimes, technology is the best tool to double-check and locate hidden issues. Our thermal imaging services are perfect for measuring surface temperatures through high-tech infrared cameras. You’ll be able to learn if your home in Hollywood, FL has leaks or electrical problems!

Thermal Imaging Cameras Help You Learn More About Your Home

Find Leaks or Moisture

Our thermal camera is able to see the light in the heat spectrum. It records all the temperature variations ranging from white to black. Through this scanning, you can even see if your property needs more insulation or if it was installed correctly. Additionally, we can detect problems in your electrical system, hidden moisture, or leaks. This service is the best complement to guarantee that all hidden components are in perfect condition.

Find Issues Behind Walls

Schedule an Appointment

Thermal imaging is a non-intrusive inspection where we can check for various issues. We include this service with every full home inspection in Hollywood, FL. After completing the process, we’ll provide a report with our findings and recommendations to fix or replace components. Reach out to us to learn more.

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Find hidden issues with the help of a high-tech camera.

Thermal Scanning
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