Renew Your Insurance With a 4 Point Inspection in Hollywood, FL, and Its Surrounding Areas

A 4 point inspection gives you insight into your home’s condition. This is a specific type of inspection needed to renew an insurance policy or know if you are eligible for one. So if your house in Hollywood, FL, is 25-30 years old, don’t hesitate to reach out! At IBIS Home Inspections, we guarantee that the process is fast, we can complete it within a few hours, and our keen eye will detect all the issues.

Get a 4 Point Inspection in Florida

Avoid Unexpected Issues

Getting a 4 point home inspection guarantees you’ll learn more about the condition of your property if you want to sell it in the future. Get to know the problems that need to be addressed and avoid future headaches. Unexpected issues are a thing of the past!

At IBIS Home Inspections, we check the four main systems; therefore our service includes:

  • Plumbing inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • HVAC inspection
  • Roof inspection

Send Your Insurance Company a Full Report

We Write Down Every Detail

After a 4 point inspection, you can expect a complete report! Our team in Hollywood, FL, is committed to writing down every detail. At IBIS Home Inspections, we know what insurance companies are looking for in these documents, so we’ll provide pictures and everything they need. Reach out to us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Our Full Range of Services

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Know about your home's overall condition.

Home Inspections
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Learn about your home's four main systems.

4 Point Inspections
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Detect infestation and learn how to eradicate it.

Mold Inspections
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Check if your home is able to withstand storms.

Wind Mitigation
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Find hidden issues with the help of a high-tech camera.

Thermal Scanning
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