A Mold Inspection Can Save Lives in Hollywood, FL, and Its Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed there are dark spots on your wall or ceiling? Schedule a mold inspection if you find unexplainable stains and experience health issues like throat and eye irritation, frequent coughs, nasal stuffiness, or wheezing. This infestation is highly invasive and can spread all over your home in Hollywood, FL. Avoid elevated repair costs and protect yourself and your family by detecting the problem on time.

Find Out the Type of Mold That Is Growing in Your Home

We Take Several Samples

The process is highly meticulous, and you can be on-site while we are completing the job. To obtain more information, we follow a mold inspection & testing procedure in which we visually assess every area and then take air and contact samples. Then, we send everything to a certified lab and we will send the final results. We test for all types, including Stachybotrys chartarum, better known as black mold.

Don’t Wait Until the Mold Allergy Symptoms Appear

Have the Information You Need

Schedule a mold inspection the moment you suspect there is something unknown growing in your property. This will help you protect your health and save money on repairs. Our crew in Hollywood, FL, ensures that you have all the information you need in case you require mold remediation or removal. Get in touch with us today!

Our Full Range of Services

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Know about your home's overall condition.

Home Inspections
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Learn about your home's four main systems.

4 Point Inspections
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Detect infestation and learn how to eradicate it.

Mold Inspections
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Check if your home is able to withstand storms.

Wind Mitigation
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Find hidden issues with the help of a high-tech camera.

Thermal Scanning
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